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An Update About COVID-19 from the Borderlands Team

Hello, Borderlands friends!

Like everyone, we’re adjusting to the new and unexpected realities of a global pandemic and social distancing. And like many of you, we are enjoying nature close to home and going outside for fresh air and recreation. 

During this time, we ask that you wait till the pandemic has passed to travel to Borderlands destinations. Our trails will still be here, and we’ll be eager to welcome you back when it’s safe for everyone. Follow us and our member networks on social media to stay up to date on network openings, ways partners are contributing to their communities, and more. 

Please look to the CDC and your state’s public health sites for information about how to stay safe and keep others safe as well. We appreciate these ten tips for mountain bikers, but keep in mind that restrictions and guidelines vary by state. 

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. Remember, this too shall pass. Take good care of yourselves, and stay in touch!


The Borderlands Team